Aires Defender Infinity (Whole Body Protection)

  • Overhead Powerlines
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Smart Meters
  • School & Office Environments
  • Cars, Planes, Public Transportation
  • Electromagnetic Smog

The Aires Defender Infinity is a universal stabilizer of the body's natural functioning state. The human body is an open physical system that constantly exchanges energy and matter with its environment. The Defender Infinity harmonizes the interaction of external electromagnetic fields with the body's own baseline radiation, bringing their parameters into alignment. The Aires Defender Infinity acts as an adapter between the environment and an object (or vice versa) and stabilizes the body's functional state.

The Aires Defender Infinity is intended to provide individual, universal protection from surrounding EMF. Many sources of EMF are out of our control; overhead power lines, automobiles, airplanes, public transportation, office and school environments, just to name a few. The Defender Infinity is the size of a typical credit card and about three times the thickness. It can be worn around the neck (in a leather case that is provided) or carried in a wallet, pocket book or a shirt pocket, or anywhere that it is not be likely to bend. It can even be placed under your pillow at night, or on your desk while you work...take it with you wherever you go for continuous protection.

Keep your Aires Defender Infinity away from water, excessive moisture and extreme heat.


Product Description

Primary Components of the Aires Defender Infinity

Analog Aires Microprocessor

The Analog Aires Microprocessor is a wafer of monocrystalline silicon with a specially developed, slitted annular diffraction matrix superimposed on its surface. Two mirrored analog microprocessors generate a resonant response in the form of a spherical fractal field. This harmonizes external electromagnetic fields that interact with it in terms of amplitudes, frequencies, phases, and interaction diagrams.

Resonator Antenna

The Aires Defender Infinity Resonator Antenna is an enlarged annular matrix superimposed on the base using Immersion Gold technology. A capacitor is formed by two of these circuits, which are electrically conductive and separated by an insulating layer. When the capacity reaches its peak charge, the electromagnetic radiation it registers from an electronic device (phone, etc.) is redistributed across the Aires microprocessor.


Aires Defender Infinity

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