Aires Black Crystal (Larger Devices)

  • Desktop Computers
  • Monitors
  • Wifi Routers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Smart TVs
  • Extremely large devices can be neutralized with multiple Black Crystals, depending on size

Aires Black Crystal transforms the electromagnetic radiation that impacts our bodies into harmonious wavelengths. The Black Crystal's two adjoining circuits are electrically conductive and separated by an insulated layer. This forms the capacitor that generates a protective field and neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The Aires Black Crystal is intended for larger devices. It is square and fits inside the diameter of a US quarter, yet is slightly thinner. One or more Black Crystals can be applied to larger devices with a double sided adhesive pad that comes with each Crystal. These devices are also die cut with a small hole in each corner so that they can be sewn onto clothing if desired.

Keep your Aires Black Crystal away from water, excessive moisture and extreme heat.


Product Description

Primary Components of the Aires Black Crystal

Analog Aires Microprocessor

The Analog Aires Microprocessor is a wafer of monocrystalline silicon with a specially developed, slitted annular diffraction matrix superimposed on its surface. This generates a resonant response in the form of a bell-shaped fractal field that harmonizes external electromagnetic fields that interact with it in terms of amplitudes, frequencies, phases, and interaction diagrams. See TECHNOLOGY for scientific documentation.

Resonator Antenna

The Aires Black Crystal Resonator Antenna is an enlarged annular matrix superimposed on the base using Immersion Gold technology. A capacitor is formed by two of these circuits, which are electrically conductive and separated by an insulating layer. When the capacity reaches its peak charge, the electromagnetic radiation it registers from an electronic device (desktop computer, monitor, tablet, Smart TV,etc.) is redistributed across the Aires microprocessor.


Black Crystal

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