Aires Shield Extreme (Small Devices)

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Baby Monitors
  • Cordless Phones

The Aires Shield Extreme is a silicon based microprocessor that neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (Also referred to as EMF or EMR). It contains a next generation Aires Microprocessor and an advanced Resonator Antenna. It removes the dangerous anomalies created by the electromagnetic fields that are generated by cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors and other small electronic devices.

The Aires Shield Extreme is intended for smaller electronic devices, such as cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, small wireless routers, etc. It is round and about the size of a dime, yet thinner. It is designed to stick directly onto your cell phone, or other small device and comes with the adhesive layer already in place. In most cases it can be applied directly to a cell phone and will not interfere with the fit of a protective case. It can also be applied to the outside of the case, preferred, without any change in effectiveness. It is best if the case has a smooth surface to insure a strong adhesion.

Keep your Aires Shield Extreme away from water, excessive moisture and extreme heat.


Product Description

Primary Components of the Aires Shield Extreme


Protective Layer

The Protective Layer is an elastic, colorless, and transparent compound that protects the product from physical wear. The adhesive layer is not reusable and may only be applied once. Detaching it from the device in order to reattach it to another one will affect the layer’s quality and likely render it ineffective and unable to hold the Shield Extreme in place.


The Aires Microprocessor is a wafer of monocrystalline silicon with a specially developed, slitted annular diffraction grating superimposed on its surface. This generates a resonant response in the form of a spherical fractal field that harmonizes external electromagnetic fields that interact with it in terms of amplitudes, frequencies, phases, and interaction diagrams.

Resonator Antenna

The Shield Extreme’s Resonator Antenna is made of a conductive material and superimposed on the annular matrix’s base. It registers electromagnetic radiation from an electronic device (phone, etc.) and redistributes it to the Aires microprocessor. The base is made from an insulator and has an adhesive layer for applying it to the surface of an electronic device.


Shield Extreme

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